ZUCA SK8 Sport Insert Bag and Pink Frame, with Gift Lunchbox and Seat Cushion

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ZUCA SFHP083 Sport Frame Hot Pink Think back at all of the lines and waiting you’ve had to do while traveling. Shuttle buses, airport gates, security lines…waiting is unavoidable and unfortunately it can last for hours on end! If you’re on a line or in a jam-packed terminal; a seat is likely impossible to come by. The top of this frame can support up to 300 lbs. so don’t be afraid of damaging your Zuca. Take a load off or use the super sturdy top to store and transport more gear. Another great feature are the dual 4′ polyurethane flashing wheels. Almost every bag has wheels, but these are mounted vertically to easily handle being dragged up stairs or over curbs. They also absorb shock, roll easily on most any surface and flash as they spin (no batteries required!). Two feet are built-in to keep the bag stable when not in motion and are constructed of Nylon 6 material. It’s super durable yet gentle on easily scratched flooring. Zuca SK8 Sport Insert Bag (Frame Sold Separately) Zuca is a unique concept in bag design where you can mix and match durable insert bags with colored aluminum frames for a unique look that matches your personality and style. The function of a Zuca is equally unique, with a frame that doubles as a seat and with a wheel design that can easily navigate stairs & curbs. It features durable, water-resistant 600D polyester and a ton of storage space. From the incredibly spacious interior to the zippered internal and external accessory compartments. It’s the perfect companion for work, school and play!. Bundle Includes: • Zuca SK8 Sport Insert Bag • Zuca SFHP083 Sport Frame Hot Pink • ZucaRSCPP139 Seat Cushion (Reversible Hot Pink /Pale Pink) • Zuca Lunchbox (Pink)



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