Truform Anti-Embolism Stockings, 18 mmHg, Thigh Length, Open Toe, White, Medium (Pack of 2)

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Color:White  |  Size:Medium (Pack of 2) Truform 0810 part of the ‘Classic Medical’ series for men and women uses 15-20 mmHg compression technology to restore leg health. The amount of compression is expressed as mmHg (millimeters of mercury). These anti-embolism stockings have a higher 18 mmHg compression rating targeted at the ankle to help reduce the danger of thromboembolic disease. Anti-embolism stockings, commonly referred to as TED (thrombi-embolism-deterrent) hose, are a preferred choice for recuperating patients in a bed-confined reclining position. Doctor recommended for surgery and post-surgical treatment, the five intervals of therapeutic graduated compression is greatest at the ankle, then gradually decreases up the leg. Graduated compression provides two primary benefits to the legs: increased pressure on tissues beneath the skin helps reduce swelling, and the compression action helps control the size of superficial veins. This combination prevents the slowing of blood flow and blood pooling in the extremities. Truform anti-embolism hosiery is ideal for the patient healing at home and helps relieve various conditions such as aching legs, spider veins, varicose veins, and swelling of the legs and feet. The smooth knit and traditional styling are made to perform with daily use. The opaque material conceals blemishes while promoting recovery and revitalizing the legs. Features include: open-toe, thigh high fit, and medical grade, latex-free materials. Use corresponding size chart above for best fit. Package includes one pair. Truform is a vital piece of SAI Brands, an American family owned and operated manufacturer since 1893.



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