Rearz – Princess Pink – One-Size Adult Pocket Diaper

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Rearz – One-Size Adult Pocket Diaper Includes: 1 – One-Size Adult Pocket Diaper Waterproof Outer Shell 1 – 4-Layer Microfiber Insert ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Waist Measurements: 29” – 49”, Best Fit: 33” – 42”. For men, women, and teens; features adjustable tabs, each secured in place with 6 snaps per side (most competitors only use 4). Elastic leg gatherers and leg gussets provide maximum security and comfort. COMFORT AND SECURITY: The outer layer is made of a waterproof and incredibly durable PUL material to prevent leaks. The inner layer is a soft feel-dry suede cloth designed to be comfortable and breathable even on the hottest days. ABSORBENT: Includes a 4-layer microfiber insert. Additional inserts sold separately. For additional washable inserts use: Rearz – Adult Microfiber Insert/Booster Pads. For disposable inserts use: Rearz – InControl – Diaper Booster Pads. For maximum absorbency and nighttime wear use Rearz – Adult Nighttime Prefold Cloth Diaper (X-Small) as an insert. SWIM DIAPER: Functions as a swim diaper when fastened snugly around the legs. PRIOR TO FIRST USE: Pre-was with detergent before use. Inserts reach maximum absorbency after multiple washes. LAUNDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Scrape solids into toilet. Run one wash cycle with cold or warm water and no detergent. Follow with a normal wash cycle using warm or hot water and use detergent (not soap) that is free of fragrances, enzymes, and other additives, such as whitening and brightening ingredients. Avoid fabric softeners and anti-static products, as they can irritate your skin and make cloth diapers less absorbent. Add about 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse water to help eliminate odors and keep the diapers fabric soft. Hang dry or tumble dry the diaper shell on low heat. Tumble dry the insert on low to medium heat.



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