Pain Free at SEA Posture Therapy Long and Short Foam Roll/Towel Bundle

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PACKAGE INCLUDES:1- POSTURE THERAPY LONG FOAM ROLL2- POSTURE THERAPY SHORT FOAM ROLLRolls are used most of the times in pairs.the LONG ROLL is made to be placed under the low back, to bring balance to the pelvis, return the natural lower back curve/arch and improve proper functionThe SHORT ROLL is made to be placed under the neck, to help keep the head in a better position between the shoulders and return the neck’s natural curve, when the rounding upper back doesn’t allow the head to reach and touch the floor while lying flat on the backSUPPORTS the head and reduces neck/cervical painTOGETHER the rolls are designed for individuals who want to regain the natural curvature of their spine, to re-educate their spine to it’s natural “S” curveThey benefit and give support to the low back and neck when driving or sitting in an AIRPLANEFEATURES: Both rolls are 3.5” in Diameter, the LONG is 14” long, the SHORT is 8′ long. Both have a NEW DENSITYThe ILD density of the rolls is not the ILD 70 to soft or the ILD 90 to hard. OURS is ILD of 80, the IDEAL hardness neededThey come with a Removable Zipper CoverMATERIAL: Waterproof Polyester 420 denier polyester with PVC coating, easy to clean with a cloth and soapy waterThe foam is long-lasting lightweight polyurethaneCARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dry thoroughly before re-use. DO NOT Machine wash, Bleach, Soak or Wring. Do not Iron or Dry-clean. Air Dry. Keep away from flame.COLOR: BLUE.



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