Natural-Breeze Replaces HDC-12, Kenmore 14911, ES12 Essick BestAir Aircare Humidifier Filter (4 Pack)

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4 Pack of Natural Breeze Filter’s 006 Did you know that the cost of all disposable filters is much more than that of the humidifier itself over its life span? If you are tired of changing so many humidifier filters every season and wish you could get one that can be washed, cleaned and reused over and over again, you have found the right product! This humidifier filter is made of Dura-ester, not paper anymore. Dura-ester is a durable synthetic polymer that draws water quickly yet resists calcification and algae. When it gets dirty it can be regenerated simply by washing with cold water and soap. Depending on the hardness of the water used in the humidifier and other factors (for example, temperature, use of algaecide, etc.), this filter can last five to twelve times longer than conventional disposable ones. It will pay for itself in no time! Natural-Breeze 006 is compatible with Holmes HDC-12, Essick ES12, Bestair ES12-2, Kenmore 14911 Filters. Natural Breeze 006 works with Essick Air models: EA1407, HD1409; MoistAir Models: HD230, HD1100, HD1102, HD1200, HD1202, HD1202C, HD1202C1C, HD1204, HD1212, HD1300, HD1300W, HD1301, HD1303, HD1305, HD1405, HD1406, HD1407,HD203, HD12001, HD12020, HD120020, HD12040, HD12041, HD13000, HD13002, HD13003, HD13030, HC13030, HD13050, HD14050, HD14060, HD14070, HD14080; Kenmore models: 114911, 14415, 14417, 14452, 14453, 14454,15414, 15420, 29614, 29973, 29975, 29985, 29986, 29987,144150, 144151, 144170, 144171, 144520, 144521, 144522, 144523, 144530, 144531, 144532, 144533, 154200, 155171Dimensions: approximately 8 1/2′ x 6 1/2′ x 2′ If you are not satisfied with the filter, return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, no question asked!



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