Improved NextGen OsteoBall

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Finally the NextGen OsteoBall is here! It has the same remarkable muscle and bone building benefits as the OsteoBall Starter Kit, but is now more pliable and easier to exercise with. It has a new, rapid inflate/deflate system, which allows you to deflate/inflate the ball in less than 1 minute. Storing and traveling with the NextGen OsteoBall is effortless and easily done. You can also conveniently fit it in your gym bag alongside your other exercise equipment. And did we mention, it weighs less than 0.7lb! The NextGen OsteoBall now comes with a soft and silky cover, made with a new, sport’s fabric. The cover is easily removable and machine or hand washable. The handles are instantly adjustable to accommodate people with different height and to help you accomplish a full body workout comfortably and quickly. History of the OsteoBall The OsteoBall is developed by a world-renowned doctor. It is a remarkable exercise tool, which allows you to build upper/lower body strength rapidly, while increasing your bone density. The OsteoBall works all 10 major muscle groups in just 10 minutes. And, your OsteoBall workout can be done in any position — standing, seated, or even lying in bed. In addition, OsteoBall adjusts itself continuously to your strength level throughout the entire exercise. This helps protect your joints, greatly reducing risks of joint strains and muscle pulls. Unlike bulky weights, elastic bands, or gym machines, the OsteoBall is lightweight and ultra easy to use. Simply position your OsteoBall for the exercise, begin your pull or squeeze on the ball — and in just seconds you’re done! The NextGen OsteoBall holds a 1 year warranty.



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