Breg Post Op with Shells Brace (Short)

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Size:Short Breg Post-Op Knee Brace with Shells features additional rigidity and stability. The shells on the Post-Op with Shells enable full circumferential tissue containment. The BREG Post-Op family of braces featuring the Quick-Set hinge offers complete range of motion control for both flexion and extension, along with a simple to use drop lock mechanism to lock the patient in full extension. The release lock mechanism allows for easy conversion to full range of motion. Full circumferential shells for tissue containment and extra support. Spring-loaded flexion/extension stops allow for easy range of motion from 0 to 120. Ability to lock-out in full extension. Available in short and long. Latex-free. Universal sizing. Fits left or right leg. Indications ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries. Tibial plateau fractures. Osteochondral repairs. Meniscal repairs. Patella tendon repairs. Condylar fractures. Sprains/strains of the knee. Total knees. HTOs (high tibial osteotomy). Goals Adjustable Immobilization. Option instead of cast immobilization. Decrease anti-inflammatory medications. Decrease pain symptoms. Improve joint recovery. Improve surgery success.



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