(2 Pack) ProShield Plus Skin Protectant (Contains 2 – 4oz Tubes – Total of 8oz)

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ProShield PLUS Skin Protectant by Healthpoint Ltd is a unique skin protectant that offers protection and adherence qualities that rival products with zinc oxides. This protectant adheres to wet skin as well as zinc oxides yet removes as easily as petrolatum.This skin protectant has a clear, fragrance-free formula that provides a moisture barrier that protects from irritation due to fecal and urinary incontinence. The protectant is easy to apply and can be applied over an antifungal. The skin protectant can be used to treat patients with yeast infections, as well as to prevent diaper rash on pediatric patients. It protects chapped, cracked and dry skin.ProShield PLUS Skin Protectant is greaseless and fragrance free and won’t irritate allergies. It is suitable for daily use.ProShield PLUS Skin Protectant Features and Benefits: Unique Skin Protectant Adheres to Wet Skin As Well As Zinc Oxides Removes as Easily as Petrolatum Clear Formula Protections from Irritation Due to Fecal and Urinary Incontinence Easy to Apply Can be Applied Over Antifungal Use to Treat Patients with Yeast Infections Prevent Diaper Rash on Pediatric Patients Protects Chapped, Cracked and Dry Skin ProShield PLUS Skin Protectant Specifications Greaseless Fragrance Free and Won’t Irritate Allergies Suitable for Daily Use



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